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Doctor Who TARDIS Tattoo – Complete!

I’m so super stoked that my TARDIS tattoo is finally complete! I sat with Guf on Friday for an extended, elbow grinding session and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! This my next session will be to freshen up my lower arm to tie it into the newer top portion a bit better, […]

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TARDIS Tattoo: Progress

I just went under the needle for the line work and some of the shading shading of my new Doctor Who inspired tattoo.  Drawn and tattooed entirely by Guf, owner of Tattoo Royale in San Diego.  I traveled 500 miles to get this work done. Totally worth it, can’t wait to get the color work […]

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My new custom Doctor Who coffee mug

My secret Santa bought me this super cool, customizable mug for Christmas from Starbucks.  It took me until now (May) to finally whip out the pen it came with and draw on the damn thing but I’m totally stoked on the results.  My wife tells me that if I’m inclined to make more of these she’ll sell […]

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